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Sanitrax Modules

The Sanitrax Modules are the world's first and only retractable, containerised mobile restroom modules, housing multiple self-contained toilets that use vacuum flush technology. Prestige Loos is the only sanitation supplier in Australasia with these units. 

Sanitrax Modules provide a modular, sustainable solution for all mobile restroom needs. Sanitrax Modules are perfect for events, festivals, large construction sites, military mission and civil programmes. 

Prestige Loos offers three different types of modules: the toilet module, the urinal module and the hand wash basin module. 


  • A complete customisable sanitary concept containing toilets, urinals and hand wash stations
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Vacuum Flush Technology uses 90% less water compared to conventional flushing toilets
  • Strong, galvanised durable containerised frame
  • Fibreglass Interior
  • LED Lighting
  • Occupied Signs
  • Slip Resistant Floor
  • Space Efficient: Modules use 44% less space than a traditional plastic toilet
  • Sanitrax Toilet Module includes Waste Bin, Toilet Roll Holder and Clothes Hook
  • Sanitrax Washbasin Module includes eight taps, four on either side and has a full-width stainless steel mirror, integrated soap and hand towel dispensers
  • Sanitrax Washbasin Module offers water-saving taps and LED lighting
  • Sanitrax Urinal Module offers privacy screens, LED lighting and automatic flushing technology 
  • Supplied with Toilet Paper and Non-alcohol Hand Sanitisers

Note: Our Toilet Doors and Urinal Privacy Screens are black. The Sanitrax Modules must be delivered by Prestige Loos. 




  • Height2.3 m
  • Length1.2 m
  • Width2.5 m
  • Weight800 kg
  • Seat Height495 mm