Loos for Hire

The Throne - The Best Party Toilet Ever!

So you're planning a party and need a toilet that matches the wildness that you have planned, then look no further than The Throne.

This one-off toilet was designed by the folks at Toyota Hiace and Radio Hauraki as the ultimate portable toilet experience for blokes, but I reckon that the right group of ladies would love this loo as well.

The toilet was modified from one of our Single Executive loos, given a giant mural of royalty to put you in a regal mood, a throne was installed around the loo, and enough gold leaf was painted on to make Martha Stewart proud.

Then we added in a chandelier, and just to UP the stakes, a 24" LCD TV and Play Station 4 was installed, and you have a party on wheels!

So then the unit was finished off with red carpet, of course and it's only waiting for you and your guest to complete the picture.

The toilet would be appropriate for up to 50 people for a party for several hours, but the only real issue is who is going to kick the Play Station hog out of the loo when the bathroom line starts.



  • Height2900 m
  • Length3400 m
  • Width1600 m
  • Weight900 kg
  • Seat Height495 mm