Loos for Hire

10 Bay Vacuum


  • Only Prestige Loos can delivery toilet units with the latest in vacuum technology. No other company in New Zealand has these units.
  • Classy interior with a powerful vacuum flush feature will impress your users while still using a only 300ml of water to flush
  • Occupancy lights come on when door is latched, indicated to those waiting.
  • Slip resistant integrated self-draining floor
  • LED internal lights fully illuminate the cubicle.
  • Supplied with toilet paper and non-alcohol hand sanitizer.
  • Unit comes with a four sink hand wash station at the end of the unit. The automatic LED lights sense you coming and light up to welcome you.
  • The Handwash station also features a full wall mirror, allowing your guest to check their appearance before returning to the event.
  • This eco-friendly unit uses only water and a powerful suction to whisk away the contents. No chemicals needed, so no chemicals to spill out of the unit!


  • Height2.49 m
  • Length7.7 m
  • Width2.2 m
  • Tank Capacity1893 ltrs
  • Seat Height495 mm