Where in New Zealand does Prestige Loo's deliver to?

Currently, we are primarily Auckland based. However if you require units outside of Auckland, get in contact with us and we can provide you a quote.

What type of Prestige Loos toilets do you have?

Check out our product page here.

Do they have hand basins?

All of our units have facilities to wash your hands. Our units will either have hand sanitiser or liquid hand soap, paper towels and a hand basin.

Do you supply old type, building style toilets, non flushable drop tank or drop tank loos?

Yes, we do however we only have one style of these units and are only supplied to construction/building sites. These units are called our Non Flush & SHVT Box Portable Toilets. You can find them here.

Are your portable toilets fresh water flushing?

With the exception of our non flush and SHVT box portable units, all toilets are, or can be, fresh water flushing.

Is toilet paper supplied?

Yes, toilet paper, hand sanitizer or soap, water and paper towels are all supplied and included in your rental hire cost.

Does Prestige Loos provide a service to empty, clean and restock our portable toilet?

Yes, Prestige Loos can provide this service. All long-term hired toilets are automatically scheduled in for a once weekly service starting on the second week of the hire. Our service drivers will restock all consumables and suck out waste water and replenish the water in the tank. We can also provide a more frequent service schedule to maintain the upkeep of our units while on site. For our events, services can also be scheduled in when making your booking if required. 

My construction site requires a portable toilet. How many people on site will one unit cater to?

The number of units required on site depend on a number of things. The main rule Prestige Loos recommends to follow is that one site portable toilet will cater to 10 people on a 40 hour working week. For every additional 10 people working on site, an additional loo will be required. 

If your staff are working longer hours, you may need to schedule in an additional service or and additional unit on site to cater for an increase in usage.

For my event, how many toilets do I need?

There are a few key factors to consider, and this is one of the primary reasons we prefer to talk with our clients before they book any unit for their event. When considering which Prestige Loos unit will work best for your function, here are a few key factors to consider:

1) Will the hired toilets be the primary (only) or secondary toilets for the event?

2) How much food and drink will the guest consume during the event? Obviously, if there is a lot of drinking, the loos will fill up quicker.

3) What is the ratio of men to women at your event? Generally speaking, women prefer nicer toilet facilities, and may require more loos than male guests.

All of these factors and more, not to mention your budget and access to the venue, will determine which unit is the best fit for your event. When you are making a booking, please also consider the driving/delivery access to where you want the toilet placed. Are there sharp turns or bends to get the toilet in position? Is there a steep, soft paved or muddy driving access to your venue? We will ask you these questions, so have a think through possible obstacles – or we can do a site visit to get a handle on problems before they arise.

Do the Prestige Loos Elite And VIP trailer units need their own water supply?

The bigger units in our rolling (premium) fleet, such as our Elite Series (Napoli, Milano & Roma units) and VIP units, do need to be filled up onsite with a standard water hose feed. (We can supply a length of hose – just let us know how far away the unit will be from the tap). The Executive Twin Trailer unit, on the other hand, carries it own water supply and doesn’t need to be hooked up to an external water supply. All the plastic units carry their own water supply.

Does the Prestige Loos Elite Series and VIP range require a power source?

Yes, the Elite Series units (Napoli, Milano & Roma units) and the VIP units (Mini VIP & VIP Prestige) do require power. They can be plugged in to a house power outlet, with the power cords supplied by Prestige Loos, to run the air-conditioning and lights. The units use minimal power, 10 amps, so shouldn’t be a big additional power draw. That said, all other functions on the unit are operational, without the need for additional power (automatic paper towel dispensers, etc.) The 10 bay Vacuum unit requires a 32 amp power source with a C-form female plug. If you do not have this power source onsite, then we can hire a generator for you, at your cost, to operate the unit during your hire. We can add in a generator hire for any of the Elite series or VIP series, if you require it, and deliver with the toilet trailer.

How many people do the Elite Series and the VIP units cater to per hour?

The Prestige Loos Elite series units and the VIP units are the perfect options for events from 50 to 200+ guests. When you hire any of the Prestige Loos Elite Series or VIP units, you can choose to add in the services of one of our Attendants, to control and maintain the units during your event. The attendant’s job is to clean and maintain the unit during your event and is responsible for calling the service truck if the unit needs emptying. When you make a booking, we will estimate how frequently we will need to service the unit, based upon your event requirements. In regards to our service, we always endeavor to help your event run as smoothly as possible.

What size are the toilets?

Size and lengths vary. The single plastic range is approximately 1.2m x 1.2m square. See the ‘loos for hire’ for additional dimensions or give us a call and we can provide them.

What's the configuration of the toilets in the Elite Series units and the VIP units?

Many of the units in the Elite Series and VIP range have separate sides for the men and women, or single cubicles for individual use by your patrons/guest, during the hire. Please check under the Loos for hire sections for specifications of each of the units in the Elite Series and the VIP Series. In the Executive Twin Trailer units, there are two back-to-back identical cubicles. They are marked men’s and women’s for guest convenience.

What times do you service? Night or day?

Prestige Loos aims to be hassle free, so we prefer to work with the client and decide on a convenient service time to that doesn’t disrupt the event, or it's neighbours. However, we can service any arrangement, 24/7, preferably when the venue is free of people and movement. If the hire is only for one day, we normally service once the unit has been retrieved, but it may need to be emptied prior to removal from the site.

Why are other toilet hire companies sometimes cheaper on their plastics toilet unit quotes?

Watch for the additional pricing and add-on extras in the quote. Some competitors ‘line item’ extra charges for the hand basin while servicing or delivery can also be extra. Be aware of hidden charges when dealing with any supplier. Just make sure you are comparing the full cost. As we say “compare apples to apples, not oranges!”

What about tagging and damage? Am I responsible?

This is judged on a case-by-case basis. We can offer insurance, unless you’re already covered by personal insurance. It’s best to check your policy and discuss options when you make a booking.

What is the touch free experience you guys talk about?

The “hygienic hands free experience” is the term we use to explain the concept in our units. This refers to our sensor range of soap and towel dispensers and basin tap ware. We are the market leader in premium portable toilets and aim to offer you the best options available.


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