Established in 2004, Prestige Loos responded to the need for a premium portable toilet provider in the film & television industry.

The quality of the product and service was so well received, expansion into the event and construction market quickly followed.

From that fast start, Prestige has grown its range to all corners of the portable loo market. Through organic growth and acquisition, the company is now far and away New Zealand’s leading provider of portable loos. (So far ahead, we like to say we are #1 and #2!)

As you can see from the range, Prestige Loos supply every conceivable portable loo you can imagine. Including enhanced access units, 'men's room' urinals and even a ‘squat’ portable loo that’s preferred by many eastern customers.

In fact, we’re committed to lead from the front and provide the very latest in portable loo technology as demonstrated by our highly advanced 10 cubicle vacuum unit! However, the real cornerstone of the brand’s success is service. Not only do we set up, support and pick up, Prestige Loos is also highly experienced in event planning, a source of service many of our customers highly value.

Above all, Prestige Loos views the provision of portable toilets as an essential service. Sanitation is vital to public health, so it’s a job that needs to be taken seriously. But that doesn’t mean we’re too serious, so just think of us as the company that’s saving the planet from the bottom up!